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Discover the Difference:

Our Unique Adaptive Features

Simple Closures clothing is designed specifically with the wearer and caregiver in mind. We take the challenge and discomfort out of getting dressed each day.

Our difference is comfort, quality and thoughtfully placed adaptive features.

As caregivers ourselves, we approach each design from our own experience in caring for our customers and their daily needs.

With our expertise in elderly clothing and disabled clothing, our easy access clothes have been tailored to fit a diverse set of needs, and to bring smiles to faces!

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  • Simple Closures shirts eliminate the twisting and turning movements common to putting on and taking off conventional tops and blouses. Each shirt fastens in the back, maintaining the appearance of a pullover or front opening blouse.
  • With our shirts, customers find that physical exertion is decreased and allows them to conserve energy while enabling them to reduce painful movements.
  • Our closures are strategically placed to minimize discomfort on key pressure points along the spine.
  • Our shirts are the premier in adaptive apparel. We never sacrifice comfort for great looks; or great looks for the best in comfort!


  • Simple Closures pants have waistbands with large openings that form deep functional pockets when fastened.
  • An elastic waistband in back adjusts for fluctuations in waist size and enhances wearing comfort.
  • Extra roomy leg openings accomodate edematous (swollen) ankles and splints
  • Our pants are designed with quick removal and ease during toileting in mind, with minimal snaps along the waistband.
  • When it comes to easy access clothing, look no further than our pants. Gone are the days of painful twisting and tight buttons (without sacrificing an ounce of style)!


  • Simple Closures skirts are made to be quick and easy to slip on and off with elastic waists and full-length side openings
  • Our skirts are ideal for dressing individuals who are unable to stand.
  • Skirts tuck underneath and simply snap in place to assist a wearer when turned from side to side in bed.
  • Easy access clothing can be comfortable and stylish! Elderly clothing can look better than you had ever imagined!


  • Simple Closures Culottes are stylish and have great coverage!
  • They look like a skirt, but have all of the practical advantages of pants
  • Our roomy leg openings maintain modesty
  • Come with elastic waistband for extra comfort and wide pockets for personal items
  • This adaptive apparel is for women of all walks! Our clothing is tailored to be comfortable for elderly or disabled women while our style is tailored for high fashion.

We take the challenge and discomfort out of getting dressed each day.

Our difference is comfort, quality, and thoughtful adaptive apparel.